Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Black Muslims - Nation of Islam


The black Muslim Movement was founded by Wallace Fard. Elijah Mohammed joined the movement in 1930 and assumed leadership after Fard's mysterious disappearance in 1934. Regular Muslims would regard the teachings of The Nation of Islam to be blasphemous. The movement did not really emerge till the 1960's when Minister Malcolm X became a spokesman.
Malcolm X, a Black Muslim who was gunned down by three black men after he left the Black Muslim Movement. Most people have heard of this religion, but few really know the core of who they are and what they teach.

Elijah Mohammed preached the "Doctrine of Yakub". Yakub is said to have been born in what now is Mecca (2000 BC). By the ages of 18 he had obtained all the knowledge possible of that time. As the story goes he discovered that the "original black man" had both a "black germ" and "brown germ". He set about breeding all the black traits and killed all the darker babies after 200 years. After 600 years the white race was created.
The Nation of Islam believe that all races other than black were byproducts of Yakub's work.

Another belief that the movement has is sacrifice and ritualistic killings. Every Muslim has the duty to offer a sacrifice of "Caucasian devils" i.e White men.
Teachings also include black self-reliance, black separatism and the opposistion to black-white miscegenation.

From looking through the website, this group of people seem to be very extreamist and have strong views about religion aswell as how the world should be ran. In some ways the movement seems to be anti-American as on the home page they refer to 9/11. They say that it shouldnt all be blamed on Muslims. The Black Nation of Islam view themselves as being peaceful, however in my opinion there seems to be much violence, anger and hatred towards whites and other races. Malcolm X was very different to Martin Luthur King's approach which seems to take a step back from the arguments and violence and discuss issues.

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